Tips for C-Suite Recruitment with Rae Sedel

UC Campus Runners

UCLA Anderson alumna, Rae Sedel (’76) has been an executive recruiter at Russell Reynolds since 1987. Her work spans multiple market segments – consumer, digital, media, entertainment, telecommunications and technology. Ms. Sedel spent an evening with the UC alumni community sharing tips and advice from her years helping individuals gain entry to C-suite jobs.

Check out some top tips that we collected from the night below.

What are recruiters looking for?

  • PNL Experience
  • Industry specification
  • General management experience as well as special skills
  • Diverse experience
  • Succession – a person who can adapt and progress
  • A track record with results

What are some ways to get noticed?

  • Network - attend events; if given the opportunity, speak at events
  • Join a club or society
  • Always have a business card ready

Preparing for the interview

  • Do your homework – research the company, understand how your role fits within the company, research who will be your manager and if possible, who is interviewing you
  • Save some time for self-objectivity: Know who you are, what you are good at and what you are less good at.
  • Think about what is your USP (unique selling point). What is something you are uniquely good at?

What are some tips for acing the interview?

  • Answer questions directly – long-winded answers look confused, so be as clear and precise as you can
  • Be ready to demonstrate your successes with results; what did you do and what did it achieve?
  • Try to avoid the phrasing I’m weak at this, use instead I’m really good at this, and slightly good at this. And I am doing X, Y and Z to get better at the less good thing.
  • Be confident, make eye contact and smile.