Meet the 2017 Team UC in the British 10K

Thanks for Giving

Name:Violet Del Toro

Campus: UC Riverside, Class of 2013

Hometown: Perris, California

Violet wants everyone to be aware, firstly, that she is not a keen runner. And yet, here she is, about to run a 10K through central London.

She first came to London during her third year at UC Riverside, returned to do a MA after graduating and now works as a Communications Manager. Before studying abroad she felt like going out into the world, meeting new people and having adventures in far-away countries was the dreamy impossible. Her year abroad made her realise that anyone can lead a life of adventure, bravery and creativity (and yes, she stole that from a movie). 

Thanks to her encouraging and supportive family, as well as her legendary budgeting skills, Violet spent an entire year living in London (at the height of the pound, mind you). She ate a lot of potatos, eggs and pasta that year. It's been nearly 6 years since she took that first international flight, and is still occasionally in awe at the life she's been able to live.

She recognises that not everyone is going to have the same support or opportunities that she did, so she'll be doning her UC Riverside kilt (yes, a kilt), to attempt to finish the Westminster British 10K in July. She wants to help future Highlanders who also dream of going abroad, go abroad! 


What's your favorite...

Post-run snack? The purple Gatorade, but since that deliciousness isn't available here, eggs benedict with avocado and free-flowing mimosas 

Place to run in London? Hampstead Heath, Richmond Park or anywhere forest-y.

Playlist to run to? I like songs with a beat - The Chainsmokers, The XX, Foster the People, Jamie XX, are all currently topping the list.

Why did you choose to run with Team UC? To be perfectly candid, I hate running. But I love and appreciate study abroad, international education and the idea of global citizenry very much. So I want to raise as much as I can to help UCR students study abroad which is why I chose Team UC. That, and the people are lovely!

Do you have a personal best for the British 10K? Honestly I am just hoping to finish.. and maybe not have to walk any of it.

What are you looking forward to after you cross the finish line? Beer, burrito, and a well-deserved candle-lit bubble bath

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