Meet the 2017 Team UC in the Westminster 10K

JodiA Photo

Name: Jodi Anderson

Campus: UC Santa Barbara '94 & UC Los Angeles '06

Hometown: Fresno, Califronia

The University of California Education Abroad Program was a revelation for Jodi! A first-generation university student, in 1994 she spent a summer in Morelia, Mexico studying the language and learning how small acts of kindness can mean the world to somebody who is living in a foreign country for the first time. Jodi also met her husband Chris (who is also running!) when she later studied in England - so studying abroad has changed her life in many important ways! 


What's your favorite...

Post-run snack? A good burrito with lots of salsa! 

Place to run in London?  Wimbledon Park.

Playlist to run to? Whatever I can find on Spotify!

Why did you choose to run with Team UC? I was supposed to do my first competitive run in March 2015, but was diagnosed with breast cancer literally three days before so ended up at a slew of doctors appointments instead! I have also been a long time study abroad scholarship supporter - so I thought this was a perfect challenge to get back to my pre-cancer fitness level and support future generations of students while doing so. It seemed a perfect win-win!

Do you have a personal best for the British 10K? This is my first time running any kind of race! My goal is to just run the whole thing (with "run" being loosely defined)!

What are you looking forward to after you cross the finish line? Getting a big sweaty kiss from my husband who will be running by my side (and then going for a burrito with the rest of Team UC)!  

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