Meet the 2017 Team UC in the Westminster 10K

StephanieO. Headshot

Name: Stephanie Ostrich

Campus: UC Riverside, Class of 2006

Hometown: San Diego, California and now, London. 

Stephanie has lived in London for more than a decade, first coming to the United Kingdom on an University of California Education Abroad Program (2004-2005). She returned to complete a Masters in archaeology from UCL, and subsequently began working as an archaeologist ever since. As a former UCEAP student, she pounced on the chance to be able to raise money for new students to visit the country she loves and now calls home. She wants to give other Highlanders the opportunity to explore the UK's rich history and culture, expand their horizons and represent UC abroad! 


What's your favorite...

Post-run snack? A nice pint, to rehydrate and restore glycogen stores. Very important.  

Place to run in London?  I love running along the Parkland Walk and Highgate Wood. You're surrounded by trees and wildlife; you forget that you're in Zone 2/3. Plus it used to be an old railway line so it's not too hilly, and still has the concrete platforms in situ so while you're runing, you can pretend to be a train - I mean, hypotehtically, you could do that.. Ahem. 

Playlist to run to? I don't usually run to music. I use running as an opportunity to explore new bits of London and see how this huge city all connects.

Why did you choose to run with Team UC? I was an EAP student myself and love every minute of it - so much so that I returned to do a MA at UCL. I love that we can raise money to help another UCR student become an active member of a global community!

Do you have a personal best for the British 10K? My current 10K PB is 56 minutes. I would love to beat that this July, but I might take it easy so I can be social afterwards instead of crumpling into a jello-legged heap.

What are you looking forward to after you cross the finish line? High fives from my fellow Team UC runners. It's so fun to run with these amazing folks! And perhaps a trip to the pub to watch the Wimbledon as well!  

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Stephanie is raising £100 to help UCR students go abroad! Help her reach the goal >>