Meet the 2018 Team UC in the British 10K


Name: Natascha Starr

Campus: UC Davis, Class of 2016

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Alumna Natascha Starr is the volunteer coordinator of the UC Running Club and is leading the 2018 Team UC in the British 10K to glory.

During her undergraduate studies at UC Davis, she spent a semester studying abroad at the University of Bristol in Southwest England (although she wishes she could have stayed longer!). Experiencing life abroad has always been important to Natascha, and she loved the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. 

She returned to England in October 2016, and now works for the University of Westminster in London. She lives in Bermondsey, where she enjoys all the delicious food the area has to offer (such as Maltby Street Market). 

As for why she's running for Team UC? She believes that as the world becomes more globalized, it's important to experience life abroad, and that no student should be prevented from this life-changing experience due to financial constraint. #WhyWeRun

Fun Facts


Where's your favourite place to run in London? That's a tough one! You'll usually find me running along the Thames but I also love running in London's gorgeous green parks like Hampstead Heath or Regent's Park. 

What songs get you pumped up to run? I actually rarely listen to music when I run! I like to unplug from technology and just focus on running.

If you could have any post-race meal, what would it be? Fish and chips, alongside a good German beer! 

Do you have any advice for first time runners? Don't get discouraged! Running can be hard (and probably not much fun) at first, but it will get easier. Each new goal you achieve will make you feel proud, and soon you'll be running distances and speeds you'll only have dreamt of. If you want to find some new running buddies, I can't recommend joining a running club highly enough!

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