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Platinum Sponsors: LGT Vestra

The University of California Alumni UK Charity Gala is proud to have LGT Vestra as it's Platinum Sponsor.

Two Sides, One StoryLGT Vestra

Wealth has many facets, as does its management.

There is the process: the analysis of risk and opportunity and the examination of financial instruments. There is the science: the knowledge and experience that distils meaning from the limitless flow of data. And there is the art: of constructing portfolios, managing investments and growing wealth.

These are tasks at which the rational, left-hand side of our brains excel and they are the essence of our wealth management process. But they are only half the story. 

Investment decisions are driven by hopes, fears and dreams as much as by facts and analysis. We realise that wealth has social and human dimensions that are nutured by the emotional right-hand side of our brain. 

Understanding the full picture, looking at it from the left and right, is what we do at LGT Vestra and LGT Vestra US. We share your wish to reach a greater understanding of your wealth planning needs. Empowering you to realise your unique aspirations is the objective of our relationship.

Lucy Ritchie
Partner, LGT Vestra LLP
+44 (0)20 3207 8422

Paul Nixon
CEO, LGT Vestra US
+44 (0)20 3207 8409

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Silver Sponsors: Shakespeare Martineau and Jaffe & Co

The University of California Alumni UK Charity Gala is proud to have Shakespeare Martineau and Jaffe & Co as Silver Sponsors.

shakespeare martinue

Shakespeare Martineau is a full service law firm with the experience to help you with a range of legal services including (but not limited to) immigration, personal and corporate tax and wealth preservation.


Jaffe & Co is a London-based family run firm of US and UK tax accountants helping the US expat community in Lonodn, the UK and across the globe.