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Thanks-for-Giving Dinner

On Tuesday 22 November, just two days before the actual day of Thanksgiving, University of California alumni, students and friends met at The Anthologist for a festive dinner. The Thanks-for-Giving dinner was an opportunity to thank the dedicated UC alumni, scholarship supporters, parents and friends who make up the vibrant and engaging community in the United Kingdom. From mentoring students, hosting alumni and student activities, running 10ks, and supporting scholarships for students to study abroad in the UK, there is much for the UC-UK community to be thankful for!

The evening also served as a celebration of international education in association with International Education Week 2017. IEW is a joint initiative from the US Department of State and Department of Education. IEW seeks to promote programs that prepare US students for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn and exchange experiences. 

thanksforgiving2016UC Trust (UK) staff member and UC Riverside alumna, Violet Del Toro, opened the evening by welcoming guests and sharing that she, like many around the table, is an aluman of the UC Education Abroad Program. She expressed thanks for all the opportunities that have come as a result of spending a year abroad in London – the place which she has called home for the last 4 years. 

UC Santa Barbara student and scholarship recipient, Ryann Malicdem, also shared his story. Ryan’s parents immigrated from the Philippines, and settled in Oakland, California where he was raised. Fascinated by other cultures, places and peoples, Ryann dreamed of living abroad. He has spent his Fall Semester studying at Queen Mary, University of London. You can read his full comments from the night, posted on his blog, here.

thanksforgiving2016 UC Alumni UK Board President, Catherine Townson, also spoke about her year spent abroad at UC San Diego; and UC Los Angeles alumnus, Kevin Cunningham, closed the evening speaking about his journey from CA to the UK and advocating for  international education. Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed a lovely 3-course menu, featuring turkey with all the trimmings, and festive puddings. In true Thanksgiving fashion, everyone around the table shared what they were grateful for this  last year. thanksforgiving2016Many agreed that although 2016 has been a somewhat difficult year, they were grateful for the open-minded, supportive and lively international UC community that exists here in the UK.  Travelling, living and  studying abroad provides individuals with a view that the world is much wider, more complex and incredible than can be imagined. The opportunity of international education, of exchanging ideas with those of different  backgrounds, is a powerful and positive one.

The University of California Trust (UK) thanks all those who help make these opportunities and experiences possible for future generations of UC students. Thanks for Giving!  

thanksforgiving2016(2016 UC Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients L-R: Ryann Malicdem - UCSB, Caymen Howard - UCB, Raven Kone - UCSB, Deanna Woodman - UCLA and Gregory Smith - UCSD).

Check out our interview with the first UCSD UK Scholarship Recipient, Gregory Smith.

The 2016 US Presidential Election: How Did We Get Here & Where Are We Going, A Panel

UCT PresElect 1

On Thursday, 27 October over 70 alumni, students, parents and friends gathered for an engaging panel on the upcoming Presidential Election. All the speakers were graduates from a University of California campus, and distinguished in their own fields. Mr. Albert Scardino, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and UC Berkeley alumnus, opened the evening by setting the historical context of this years' campaign. Panelists included Dr. Sandra Halperin from Royal Holloway and UC Los Angeles alumna, Dr. Jennifer vanHeerde-Hudson from University College London and UC Riverside alumna, and Dr. Shaina Western from University of Oxford and UC Davis alumna. Former Member of Parliament and UC Los Angeles alumnus, Dr. Calum MacDonald, moderated the panel. 

The panel was broken into three sections of discussion before opening to more questions from the audience: (1) How did we get here? Has this election been as unusual and remarkable as it has been made out to be? (2) Candidates & their Campaigns (3) The Evolution of US Politics: What's going to happen next?

UCT PresElectUCT PresElect

There appeared to be little support for Donald Trump among either the audience or the panel. One panelist explained that Trump's campaign and policies lacked any sort of substance and were primarily just a lot of empty words. An audience member even asked, "Do you think Trump is stupid? Is he, plain and simple, stupid?" To which there was much laughter, almost like a sigh of relief and break of tension, from the crowd. 

Perhaps the most contemplative, if not troubling, question from the audience was, "Whoever wins - whether it be Clinton or it be Trump - will the country follow the next President of the United States?"

The panel pretty much agreed in the thought that no, the country will not. 

Given Trump's divisive and vicious rhetoric, and the practice of alienating many groups in the United States, the panel thinks it unlikely that the entire country will simply fall into line behind Trump as a President. Clinton may find it a touch easier, however the panel acknowledged that she would have to win-over Trump's supporters and address their issues as legitimate. They cannot simply be dismissed as misguided, racist or stupid.

UCT PresElectUCT PresElect

There have been many comparisons of the 23 June vote here in the United Kingdom, which decided that the UK would leave the EU ("Brexit") and the upcoming US vote for President.

While not entirely the same, there are some similarities between Brexit and the 2016 US Presidential Election. Both races contained campaigns with volatile and hateful language often directed at cultural minorities. It is fair to argue that both races have also made visible the cracks that divide society in these two great countries. There is no denying it now - the racial, economic or gender tensions that so many had hoped would be eradicated in this modern era are still prevalent today, and it seems everyone (mostly) is willing to admit there is a problem. If there is anything reassuring, it is that admitting there's a problem is the first step. In order for both of these two great countries to move forward, these issues will need to be dealt with.  

Now that the lines are drawn, let us hope that whoever becomes the 45th President of the United States will be up for the job of uniting a divided country.  

UCT PresElect UCT PresElect

US Election Results Night in London: Where to Watch

The 2016 US Presidential Election has been one of the weirdest, ridiculous and volatile campaigns in US history. It is also an incredible turning point for the country. It will be either the first time in US history to name a woman as President, or to elect one of the most out-spoken and controversial nominees into this leadership role. On 9 November the dramatic and drawn-out election season will all come to a close.

Check out some of the places to catch all the updates and live results in London below. 


1. Street Feast's Dinerama in Shoreditch Election Party >>

A bit pricey at £50, but attend Dinerama's Election party and you'll have an unlimited buffet of American fare, two complimentary drinks, themed entertainment and two large screen tellies to watch all the action go down. And if you make it to 6.00am, they'll even supply you with a survivor's breakfast. 

2. US Alumni Club's Monthly Tipple >>

Every month US Alumni Club hosts after-work drinks with alumni and friends from all US Universities. The next one falls on 8 November, and will include some special election treats and take place at a late-night venue for those who wish to watch the election unfold. 

3. Your living room 

You'll need a TV and TV License or laptop for this one, but at least you can watch from the comfort of your own cozy couch with easy access to a full fridge. BBC, Channel 4, Youtube and Twitter are all broadcasting results live. So get yourself some tacos, a Sam-Adams, and tuck in for a historical election night.

Don't just watch history go down, be a part of it! Don't forget to send in your absentee ballot before the deadline. Learn more about absentee voting here. Whatever the outcome, we'll see you in a brave new world come 9 November.  

Talk with Craig Kreeger, CEO of Virgin Atlantic (UCLA Anderson '85)


A part of UCLA Anderson's Worldwide Welcome Week, Craig Kreeger gave an exclusive talk to UC alumni last Thursday, 6 October 2016. His talk titled, 'How to be successful in challenging times' provided a lens into the mindset of the Virgin Atlantic CEO. Kreeger spoke about what sets Virgin Atlantic apart from other airlines - in that the company allow their employees (of which there are over 9000) individuality and personality. Kreeger was joined in conversation by UCLA Anderson Senior Associate Dean Al Osborne, who had some rather inspirting words for the crowd: 'You are all brilliant and outstanding individuals, and it through these activities that we want to give you the opportunity to meet each other, so that you can do brilliant and outstanding things together.' The night ended with drinks and canapes, and alumni had the opportunity to ask Craig Kreeger questions one-on-one.

Fun fact of the night? Virgin Atlantic only has a fleet of 39 aircrafts! 


On the night, the UCLA Anderson alumni community welcomed a new UK Chapter President - Sam Rubandhas ('06), who is taking over from Andrew Wright ('10). A huge THANK YOU to Andrew for serving as the UK Chapter President for the last 5 years! Under Andrew's leadership, the Anderson community has flourished and hosted fantastic events, including one with a MPs in the Houses of Parliament, an all-woman FINTECH panel, to networking happy hours with prospective UCLA Anderson students. Thank you Andrew! We look forward to the next chapter of UCLA Andersom Alumni UK

A very special thank you to all the folks at BP who helped coordinate this event! 

Are you registered to vote?


The 2016 US Presidential Election is coming up soon, on Tuesday, 8 November 2016. Make sure your Vote is heard - even from across the pond! 

Registering to Vote
The deadline to register to vote for California is 24 October. All overseas U.S. citizens must complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to vote in the election.
Once registered, you can request to submit your ballot electronically or by mail. 
Submitting Your Ballot
If voting by mail, the surest way to make the deadline is to send your ballot through Royal Mail or an express delivery company.
Alternatively, completed ballots can be dropped off at the U.S. Embassy or a Consulate. To ensure your ballot is delivered on time, voting materials must be received no later than the following dates & times:
  • U.S. Embassy London: Wednesday, 12 October at 8.00am
  • U.S. Consulate Belfast: Monday, 10 October at 12.00pm
  • U.S. Consulate Edinburgh: Thursday, 6 October at 8.00am
If you don't receive your absentee ballot by mid-October, you may wish to submit a Federal Write-In Ballot (FWAB). 

24 July 2016 - Paris: UCLA Student Send-Off

UCLA Alumni, Parents and Friends welcomed new incoming Paris based Bruins to the UCLA Family with an evening of food, drinks and story sharing ahead of the incoming students' new adventure!

Paris student send off

22 July 2016 - UC Davis Alumni viewing of Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

UC Davis Alumni Association invited alumni and students from all the UC campuses to a viewing of Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Alumni and students from UC Davis, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles met at nearby pub, Anchor Bankside Pub, prior to the show to mingle and enjoy spectacular sunny views of the Thames. UC Davis Director of International Alumni and Development, Ginger Welsh, was also in attendance. 

UC Davis Macbeth

21 July 2016 - UCSB Triple-T Pub Night

At their monthly pub night, London Gauchos celebrated summertime by visiting Brixton Beach Boulevard, one of London's urban beaches, to enjoy some delicious drinks and lively conversation. 

10 July 2016 - UC Alumni UK Summer Barbecue 2016

UC Summer Barbecue

All UC alumni, family and friends were invited to attend the 4th Annual UC Alumni UK Summer Barbecue at the secret gardens of Coram Community Campus in Brunswick Square. The afternoon served as a celebration of the UC community in the United Kingdom, as well as a way to congratulate the alumni that participated in the Vitality British 10K earlier that day. The 121 attendees were treated to mouth-watering Motherflipper burgers, refreshing Beavertown Brewery beer and scrumptuous desserts provided by Cakehole Bakery. The barbecue bash also facilitated further alumni and student networking through entertaining garden games such as giant jenga, giant connect 4 and fun activities such as the water balloon toss and egg race. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the barbecue such an excellent day out, we hope to see you all again next year!

Water tossUC bbq

Duing barbecue

10 July 2016 - Team University of California in the 2016 Vitality British 10K

British 10K 2016

A spirited team of 27 University of California students and alumni ran the Vitality British 10K raising money for student scholarships. The group was formed of runners from 8 different UC campuses - including the first runner for UC Irvine! Upon completing the run, the group were provided with some well deserved refreshments and posed for some sweaty post-run snaps! Thanks to these individuals, £1,400 was rasied to fund scholarships for UC students. And there is still time to show them your support! If you would like to give, visit this page and click on the campus or runner you would like to support. Thank you once again to those that ran, donated and fundraised!

British 10KBritish 10K

9 July 2016 - Reception with UCSB Athletics and Soccer Team

UC Santa Barbara UK club were invited to join UCSB men's soccer team and Head Coach Tim Vom Steeg for a reception at Riley's Sports Bar.

UCSB Soccer

7 July 2016 - Great Minds: A major new talk by Jared Diamond and UCLA Global Forum Reception

All UC alumni were invited to attend a special talk delivered by Jared Diamond in association with the 'how to: Academy' and UCLA Global Forum at the Emmanuel Centre. Professor Diamond presented a new view of crises on personal, national and global levels - and how such crises may be dealt with.

Following Pulitzer Prize winning Jared Diamond's lecture with the 'how to: Academy' and UCLA Global Forum, all UC alumni and friends were invited to an exclusive reception with Professor Diamond. Alumni from all campuses had the chance to speak with Jared, take photos, and getting their books signed whilst enjoying drinks and canapes.

Jared Diamond Lecture

6 July 2016 - UCLA Global Forum Dinner with Jared Diamond

UCLA Global Forum invited UCLA alumni to an exclusive private dinner with Pulitzer Prize winner Professor Jared Diamond at the Anthologist on Gresham Street. This special dinner included a speech from Professor Diamond discussing what factors make a happy outcome of personal, institutional and national crises, and what are the problems and likely outcomes for the U.S. today?

jared diamond dinner   diamond dinner   

diamond dinner  

5 July 2016 - Germany: "The Nation in miniature? National and personal crises in comparison"

Distinguished UCLA Professor and Pulitzer Prize winner Jared Diamond gave a lecture in Frankfurt, Germany titled "The nation in miniature? National and personal crises in Germany".

2 July 2016 - UC Running Group: Hampstead Heath

The UC Running Group attended their last training session ahead of the Vitality British 10K, completing a light 10km run together around Hamsptead Heath park. The group headed for some well deserved coffee and refreshments following.

UC Running Group 2nd July

29 June 2016 - Workshop with Berkeley-Haas Professor Brandi Pearce

Berkeley-Haas Alumni Network hosted a workshop with Professor Brandi Pearce. The workshop focused on the Power of Reflexivity in Harnessing Creativity and Innovation in Teams, and was followed by a chapter update. 

21 June 2016 - UC Berkeley Alumni and Student Pub Night

The Berkeley Club of London invited alumni and students for mingling with fellow Cal Bears whilst enjoying a great selection of Californian beers and wines at the Temple Brew House. 

18 June 2016 - 2016 Team UC Meeting

Following the UC Running Group's training run for the 10K, the group met to go over race day details with some refreshments and snacks!

18 June 2016 - UC Running Group & Team UC Meeting

The UC Running Group met at Paddington to embark on a gorgeous 6.5km run along the Canal Towpath. Following, the group headed to The Star of King's Pub in King's Cross for a Team UC British 10K Meeting. At the meeting, they went over race day details whilst enjoyed some light refreshments and snacks. 

UC running group 18/6

16 June 2016 - UC Alumni Pub Night, hosted by UC Santa Barbara UK Club

London Gauchos invited all UC Alumni and students to join their quarterly UC Pub Night for after-work drinks, networking and socialising. On this occasion the group met at Tamesis Dock to board a converted 1930s Dutch barge moored permanently between Lambeth and Vauxhall Bridge, now used as a floating pub!

UCSB Tamesis Dock

16 June 2016 - "Headhunting in the Era of Linkedin, how's it done?"

UCLA alumni in Paris were invited to attend a UCLA Anderson hosted event which included a presentation and Q&A on the interesting topic of Headhunting in the era of Linkedin. The event concluded with a networking and drinks reception.

15 June 2016 - Planning Meeting: UC Summer Barbecue Committee

The UC Summer Barbecue Committee met up for a further planning meeting ahead of this year's UC Summer Barbecue.

4 June 2016 - UC Running Group: Thames Path

The UC Running Group met for a 6km training run along the Thames Path, concluding with refreshments at a nearby cafe.

UC Running Group 4/6

26 May 2016 - UC Summer Barbecue Planning Committee Meeting

Volunteer UC Alumni representatives met up at our new London Offices in Holborn to begin planning for this year's UC Summer Barbecue!

26 May 2016 - The History of China's Future

Chancellor's Professor of History at UCI, Jeffrey Wasserstrom, was a lead panelist in an Department of International Relations public conversation at London School of Economics. The panelists discussed how the newly published book, The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern China, addresses such questions through an examination of the broad sweep of modern Chinese history.

25 May 2016 - International Inequalities Institute Annual Conference 2016

For her second event of the year at LSE, UCLA alumni were invited to attend Distinguished UCLA Law Professor Kimberle Crenshaw's day-long conference on the different forms of inequality present today, including intersecting inequalities by race and gender; global inequality, inequalities in Africa, and taxing the rich!

21 May 2016 - UC Running Group: Hyde Park

The UC Running Group met up for their second run in May. Their 6km run through Hyde Park concluded with smoothies and coffee at Whole Foods Market!

UC Running Group

20 May 2016 - "From New Amsterdam to New York: The Dutch History of Manhattan"

The Berkeley Club of London hosted a lecture visiting Professor of history, Jeroen Dewulf at King's College London. The lecture traced the Dutch roots of New York. Following the lecture, UCB alumni and students enjoyed the chance to network over drinks and canapes. 

Amsterdam New York

19 May 2016 - UCSD UK Club Mexican Fiesta

London Tritons hosted their annual Mexican Fiesta, celebrating Cinco de Mayo and UC San Diego's Sun God Festival. This year the network ventured to Benito's Hat - Oxford Circus, where attendees enjoyed fruity margaritas, delicious Mexican food, and had the opportunity to practice their cooking skills in a tortilla making class!

UCSD BenitosUCSD Benitos

16 May 2016 - UCR Professor Adriana Craciun Lecture at Birbeck

UC Riverside Professor Adriana Craciun presented at Birbeck College of London. Professor Craciun was the 2015-2016 FullBright Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh. The lecture at Birbeck College addressed Artic archives, the Broken Lands, Victorian Relics, exploration and its forms of inscription and rediscovery. The event marked the publication of Craciun's recent book, Writing Arctic Disaster.

14 May 2016 - Science Museum Visit with The Berkeley Club of London

UC Berkeley alumni and Students sported their Cal t-shirts on a fun, family-friendly outing to the Science museum! Volunteer of the museum, Sandra Takei ('05), led a tour around one of the museum galleries before the group had a picnic lunch on one the museums' garden spaces.

11 May 2016 - Race, Reform and the New Retrenchment: the perils of post-racialism after Obama

UCLA alumni were invited to attend a special lecture by Distinguished Professor of Law at UCLA, Kimberle Crenshaw. The lecture, hosted at London School of Economics, discussed the era of race relations post-Obama, and how confidence in this new era of equality have been significantly undermined in the face of heightening tensions in the U.S.. 

11 May 2016 - California Day for UK Students: Networking Event

The UCEAP London Study Centre hosted a "California Day" for UK students who will be studying abroad at a UC campus in the fall. After a day of orientations, UC alumni were invited to a networking with the UC-bound students to share insights and memories of their UC experience. 

7 May 2016 - UC Running Group: Victoria Park

The UC Running Group kicked off their twice a month running regime in preparation for the British 10K in July. On this occasion they met up at Mile End to complete an easy 6km run through Victoria Park. The group then headed for brunch afterwards at the Pavillion Cafe.

UC running group 7/5

5 May 2016 - Lakatos Award Lecture with UCI Professor David Malamant

The first event of May involved distinguished UC Irvine Professor Emeritus, David Malamant. The lecture at London School of Economics acknowledged his winning of the Lakatos Award for outstanding contribution to the philosophy of science.

27 April 2016 - UCSC Slug Pub Night

UCSC Alumni UK Network invited all London local Slugs to gather for a friendly drink in historic pub, Ye Old Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street. 

24 April 2016 - IARU Panel Discussion: "What Makes a Great University in the 20th Century"

UCB alumni were invited to attend an engaging discussion and networking event in Oxford with University Leaders and alumni from International Alliance Researching Universities (IARU) partner institutions. The discussion entitled "What Makes a Great University in the 21st Century" was followed by an alumni reception in the Western Library!

23 April 2016 - Thames River Cleanup with UCR Highlanders of London

UCR alumni and students spent a Saturday morning making the Thames beautiful again! The group participated in the UCR Highlander Day of Service - a day where Highlanders around the world commit to various service projects in their cities. Whilst picking up trash and debris along the river Thames, participants had a chance to learn about London's riverside history from Museum of London Archaeologist, Stephanie Ostrich ('06). Following the clean-up the group headed to nearby pub, Horniman at Hays, for some lunch and a well deserved pint. 

Highlander service 23/4Highlander service 23/4

Highlander service 23/4

21 April 2016 - UCSB Santa Barbara UK Club Triple-T Pub Night

The April edition of UK based Gauchos' to catch up and socialise over a few cold ones at Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, one of London's oldest pubs. 

16 April 2016 - UC Running Group: Holland Park

With the Vitality British 10K only 3 months away, the UC running group met up in Holland Park for a moderately-paced 5km run.

UC Running club

16 April 2016 - Visit to Portobello Market - UCLA UK Network

London Bruins met for a visit to one of London's most famous street markets, Portobello Market. The market, packed with antiques, fresh produce, fashion and food stalls proved to be a great location for socialising. The group had lunch at the market and finished their excursion at a local pub. A colorful and fun way to spend a Saturday!

 UCLA portobello  UCLA portobello   

16 April 2016 - UC Davis UK Club Picnic Day

UC Davis alumni in London united to celebrate the honoured Davis tradition of Picnic Day! Staying true to UC Davis' argricultural roots, the group met at Hackney City Farm, before heading to the Pub on the Park in London Fields for lunch and socialising.

  Picnic Day

14 April 2016 - UCSD UK Club Dinner with Professor Katja Lindenberg & Ted Groves

UCSD Alumni attended an exclusive dinner with Professor Katja Lindenberg and Ted Groves at the Cote Braisserie, St. Martin's Lane.

13 April 2016 - Dinner Discussion with Jacques Aschenbroich, Director and CEO of VALEO

UCLA Anderson Club of Paris invited alumni to a dinner discussion with Jacques Aschenbroich, Director and CEO of VALEO. Aschenbroich discussed the motoring industry and its place in the heart of the evolution of our societies. The event started with a drinks reception, leading to a sit-down dinner, and concluded with an insightful Q&A session. 

10 April 2016 - Triton 5K in Hyde Park with UCSD UK Club

UK Triton's participated in UC San Diego's Annual Triton 5K. The group meet at Queensway tube station for a 5K around one of London's most iconic parks, Hyde Park. Afterwards, the group went for some well-earned coffee and cake!

Triton 5K

9 April 2016 - Berkeley Club of London: Afternoon Tea at The Berkeley

Berkeley alumni, students, friends and families were invited to a delicious afternoon tea at The Berkeley. There were even several little Cal Bears in attendance! Guests enjoyed a selection of miniature savory skewers, taster spoons, elegant canapes and tea sandwiches. 

UCB Afternoon Tea

8 April 2016 - UCSB UK Club Give Day

Gauchos across the US and the globe gathered together on 8 April to support UC Santa Barbara's first ever Give Day. London Gauchos celebrated with dinner at, aptly named restaurant, The Gaucho in Tower Bridge. 

UCSB Give Day

6 April 2016 - Dinner Conference with Christian Nibourel CEAO of Accenture France and Benelux

Friend of UCLA Anderson Paris Club, IMD Alumni Club France invited UCLA Anderson alumni to an evening dinner and conference with Christian Nibourel, CEAO of Accenture. 

31 March 2016 - UC Davis UK Club Pub Night

UC Davis alumni met up after work for some chat and craft beer at the cosy Holborn Whippet. 

19 March 2016 - UC Running Group: Regent's Park

The UC Running Group embarked on their monthly 5km run, this time through Regents Park. After the run, the group then headed to the Regents Bar and Kitchen for coffee and refreshments.

UC Running Group 19/3/16

13 March 2016 - Paris: UCLA Anderson Dinner for 12 Strangers

UCLA Anderson Alumni in Paris hosted a Dinner for 12 Strangers.

12 March 2016 - UC Alumni UK Black Tie Charity Gala

The UC Alumni UK Board hosted the inaugural Black Tie Charity Gala at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on The Mall. The elegant evening include a sparkling reception, delicious three-course dinner, and dancing. Executive Director of Techstars, Greg Rogers (UCLA Anderson '02) gave an enlightening speech on tech start-ups. The night also include a silent auction with prizes such as tickets to a Cricket Match at the Lord's Cricket Ground, a bottle of whiskey signed by Prime Minister David Cameron and a craft beer experience at Beavertown Brewery. All proceeds from the silent auction went towards supporting student scholarships. 

6 March 2016 - Manchester: UCLA Dinner for 12 Strangers

Local UCLA alumni in were invited to the first-ever Dinner for 12 Strangers in Manchester! The group gathered at the lovely Artisan Kitchen & Bar for a fantastic dinner and conversation.

Manchester Dinner 12 Strangers March 16 

1 March 2016 - UCLA Professor Andrea Ghez Lecture at The Royal Society, London

The Royal Society hosted UCLA Professor Andrea Ghez, who presented new developments in the study of black holes. Professor Ghez provided evidence to conclude that there is a supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy. 

27 Feburary 2016 - UCLA Global Forum Speaker Series with Chancellor Block

UCLA's Global Forum invited all UCLA alumni, friends and family to attend an evening with Chancellor Block in Paris, France. Chancellor Block provided a update on the campus and led a dicsussion on how light pollution and our 24/7 society causes diruptions for the bodys' circadian rhythms.

global forum paris

27 Feburary 2016 - London: UCLA Dinner for 12 Strangers

Three separate Dinner for 12 Strangers took place on the same night in London! 

26 February 2016 - Berkeley-Haas Social

Berkeley-Haas alumni and friends mingled at Graphic Bar, Soho, which is home to some of the world's best gin and unique urban art. The quirky bar provided delicious cocktails, food and refreshments for Cal alums.

25 February 2016 - UCLA Global Forum in Tel Aviv

UCLA alumni, parents and friends were invited to attend a Global Forum reception with Chancellor Gene Block in Tel Aviv. The evening reception included an overview of current campus partnerships and academic intiatives in the region.

22 February 2016 - UC Reception with UC President Janet Napolitano

UC President      Presidents reception

President reception

All UC alumni, students, parents and friends were invited to an evening reception with University of California President, Janet Napolitano at the elegant Trinity House in Tower Hill. The reception included remarks from the President on the state of UC followed by an insightful question and answer session.

         UC President Visit  

Presidents reception       Presidents reception

20 February 2016 - UC Running Group: Green Park & St. James' Park

The UC Running Group ran a 5km run through Green Park and St. James' Park at their monthly meetup. The group then headed for post-run coffee, refreshments and good conversation!

UC Running Group 20 Feb

19 February 2016 - An Evening with Dean of UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

UCLA Global Forum presented a unique opportunity for alumni to meet Dean Jodi Heymann, a world renown policy expert in the arena of public health. The event took place in Geneva, Switzerland over a private dinner at the Perle Du Lac restaurant. 

global forum geneva 19/2/16

19 February 2016 - UCLA Professor James Bowie lecture at Kings College London

All UC Alumni were invited to attend Kings College London's Annual Higgs Lecture of 2016 featuring UCLA Professor James Bowie. The lecture concerned quantitative folding studies of complex membrane proteins.

18 February 2016 - A Conversation with UCLA Alumnus Charles J. Burdick ('77) and Dean Judy Olian

Alumni from UCLA were invited to join  a dinner at Frederick's Restaurant in Islington, featuring Dean Judy Olian and UCLA Anderson alumnus, Charles J. Burdick ('77). Burdick shared his experience as a Chairman of VirginConnect Russia, which has thus far facilitated the rapid expansion of global telecommunications in more than 500 cities in Russia.

11 February 2016 - Berkeley Club of London Pub Night

Berkeley Club of London invited all Cal alumni, friends and students to shake off the January Blues with a few after-work and after-class drinks at Temple Brew House.

23 January 2016 - Live Game Viewing: UCLA Men's Basketball vs Oregon

UK Bruins gathered together at Jet Lag Bar to watch the UCLA Men's Basketball team take on Oregon. 

UCLA Game Viewing 01/23/16

16 January 2016 - UC Running Group: Hyde Park

The UC Running Group met at Hyde Park for a moderately paced 5km run. The group headed to Whole Foods in High Street Kensington for coffee and other treats, following a successul run.

Running Group 16 Jan

13 January 2016 - UCLA Professor Andrea Ghez Lecture at Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

All UC Alumni were invited to an Open Academy Lecture at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences by Crafoord Laureate and TED talker Andrea M. Ghez, distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy and head of UCLA's Galactic Center Group.