UC Alumni UK Mentorship Program

UCMentorship Program


 As a graduate of the University of California now living in the United Kingdom, you are a part of a thousands-strong network. Many professional have made the UK their home, whether for a few years or a lifetime.

The UC Alumni UK Mentorship Program allows you to tap into that network. Exclusively for alumni, by alumni.

Program Details

  • The program runs for a six-month program 
  • Mentor and mentee pairs meet (at minimum) once a month
  • It is recommended that the initial meeting take place in person, and sebsquently continue meeting in person, by phone or video technology
  • Mentees will take the initiative in setting up meetings 


Apply to be a UC Alumni Mentor and/or Mentee

Are you successfully forging a career in the United Kingdom? Earned a promotion or have achieved a great work/life balance with wisdom to share? There are fellow UC graduates who could benefit from your perspective as a UC Alumni Mentor.

Are you an alumni in the early-to-mid stages of your career looking for guidance on how to progress? Or perhaps looking to switch industries or develop skills that make you a first-rate candidate? Gain insights as a UC Alumni Mentee.


Donna Egan, UCD 


Tamsin Harriman, UCB



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