Tax Effective Giving

If you are a British taxpayer, dual status taxpayer, or have a tax liability in a European country, we encourage you to consider giving to the University of California from Europe. Giving from Europe may offer a tax effective option for you and may even increase the value of your gift.

The giving program that will work best for you will depend upon the amount you wish to give, how frequently you wish to give and where you have a tax liability.

For a summary of giving programs please see the grid below. To help you identify the best way to give to UC from Europe we encourage you to fill out the donor inquiry form and one of our staff will contact you. This form takes about 2-3 minutes to complete.

Type of Tax Relief Available Type of Taxpayer for whom that relief is available

Gift Aid

Claiming Gift Aid increases the value of your gift by 25%.

For more information click here.

British Taxypayers

Dual Status Taxypayers (UK & US)

Tax Effective Giving from other countries in Europe

20-25% depending on your tax jurisdiction.

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