Spain Alumni

UC Alumni in Madrid, February 2024

There are an estimated 15,000 University of California alumni living and working in Spain. There are active alumni groups in both Barcelona and Madrid and both have UC wide networks. UC Barcelona hosts bi-monthly activities and events, such as Museum trips, Beach Volleyball, Hikes, Social Nights, and a Book Club.

The president of the UC-wide Barcelona group is Ajay Gandhi, a UC Santa Cruz alum.

Ajay Gandhi, UC Barcelona Chapter President

UC Santa Cruz (MPhys, MSc, PMP)

Ajay Gandhi Headshot






From my experience at UCSC, I will always take with me the joys of multiculturalism and spaces for forming new connections, as well as my love for being in nature. With a lack of these 'third spaces' in the modern world, I voluntarily collaborate with UC Trust to set up a network of UC alumni and friends to unite us in setting up and founding the Barcelona chapter. I believe by trying new things together and sharing experiences, with diverse people and perspectives, we can collaborate to make a difference, one conversation at a time. And with our experience of UC and Barcelona, the foundations have been set to explore and discover together.


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