UC Alumni UK Sustainability Committee

UC Alumni UK Sustainability Committee banner

The UC Alumni UK Board has set up a new committee to look into creating and designing a sustainability initiative that taps into the expertise of our local networks and in the UC system that is meaningful, inspirational and action-oriented. Ultimately it aims to demonstrate UC’s leadership and take action related to sustainability and climate change in the UK and Europe.

The UC Alumni UK Sustainability Committee is coordinated by a group of dedicated alumni volunteers, with support from the University of California Trust.

Interested in getting involved?

If you have an idea for an event and would like to be involved in the planning process of the initiative, please email us and keep an eye out for upcoming meetings and talks on our events page! We host monthly interactive discussions with various UC professors on Zoom and our meetings are open to all alumni and friends. If you would like to sit in a meeting as an observer, please email us at alumni@californiahouse.org.uk

We are looking forward to learning how to best engage with you regarding sustainability, whether you are a sustainability professional with years of experience in the field or a passionate enthusiast.