UC Alumni UK Leaders

This all-UC group brings together the Alumni Presidents of those UC campuses with active clubs in the UK.  At present, Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and Santa Barbara have active alumni groups in the UK. The UC Alumni UK Leaders seeks to support alumni group activities and foster the development of those UC campuses that are not yet active in the UK.

The Leaders works to enhance the profile of the University of California in the UK, promote alumni engagement in social and educational activities and engage UC Education Abroad Program students currently studying in the UK. The UC Alumni UK group originally grew out of the Berkeley in Britain group founded by Allan Buch in 1990.

The current president of the UC Alumni UK Leaders is Jason Mollring.  If you are interested in becoming involved in this group, please email us at:  alumni@californiahouse.org.uk.

UC Alumni UK Leaders 

  • President
    Jason Mollring, UCSB
  • Vice President
    Claire Frost, UCSB
  • President Emeritus
    Catherine Townson, UCSD
    CatherineTownson Headshot.jpg
  • President Emeritus
    Trisha Rassatt, UCSD
    Trisha Rassatt


UC Alumni UK Network Presidents

UC Running Club

  • Co-Captain
    Lawrence Kao, UCB & UCLA
    Lawrence Kao
  • Co-Captain
    Ashley Dotter, UCSB

UC Mentorship Committe

  • Co-Chair
    Perry Poussard Jr., UCLA

UC Alumni UK Sustainability Committee

  • Co-Chair
    Carlos Colman Meixner, UCD
  • Co-Chair
    Diego Groiso, UCB


UC Scotland

  • Co- President
    Tim Ilchene, UCD
    Alexandra Brodmann
  • Co-President
    Mhairi London, UCSD
  • Co-President
    Dahlia Valle Peterson, UCSD