Make a Gift from the United Kingdom

Donors making a gift from the United Kingdom are those who are classified as either a UK Taxpayer or a Dual Status (US & UK) Taxpayer.

Gift Aid

UK and Dual Status Taxpayers can claim Gift Aid on their gift, which increases the value of your gift by 25% - at no extra cost to you! Learn more about Gift Aid here.

Gifts Under £2,000 (or $3,200)

You can make a one-off, monthly or reoccurring gift of up to £2,000 via our online donation form.

Gifts Over £2,000 (or $3,200)

To make a one-off, monthly or reoccurring gift of over £2,000 please submit a donor inquiry form notifying us of your gift and where you would like it designated. We will then forward you further instructions on processing your gift.

Leave a Gift In Your Will (Legacy)

Contact us via the Donor Inquiry Form to learn more about legacy gifts to the University of California. 

For any other questions please contact